Gilberto Ortiz was born in San Andres Lagunas, Teposcolula, Oaxaca Mexico.
He belongs to a family of twelve siblings and exquisite indigenous roots, when he was a kid, he learnt to plough his land and to enjoy the amazing nature that was around him, delighting himself with unexplored hills, blue skies and nights with stars, breathing such as pure and melodious air, just like that violin which reproduced the most beautiful notes performed by his father; who also told him the greatest stories about his ancestors. His father narrated him the extraordinary story about his grandfather that with the puya of maguey obtained the ixtle that he used as fibre for make the underwear that the Mixtec wore.
Living and ploughing in the land that saw him born, his life changed in a very shocking way, when a political conflict forced him and his family to flee from San Andrés, the reason was that the people of the community wanted to kill the Mayor of the town, Mr Florentino Guzmán Cruz. Mr Gilberto Ortiz, Gilberto´s father, helped him to flee by dressing him as a woman. When the people of San Andres realized of it, immediately they tried to lynch to Gilberto and his family but they ran away on time.

After this excruciating chapter in his life, Gilberto arrived to Mexico City in 1965, he was 12 years old, and that was just the beginning of the greatest adventure in his life.

He begun to walk between the crowds and got surprised when he saw that the people were dressed with suits, top hats and walking sticks. From sideboard to sideboard, Gilberto discovered the elegance, the style, the luxury. In that moment, he went along to the tailor shops looking for the opportunity to learn the elegant art of tailoring, and he realized that behind of those shelfs where were exhibited perfect and unique suits, there was rejection and humiliation, the reason, his indigenous roots. He will never erase of his memory that occasion, besides to handle with the contempt, he had to spend the night under a bridge, lonely, homeless, into oblivion.

Not all would be dark in Gilberto´s life, after he experienced rejection from other tailors, he found the German tailor Joseph Shoeder that employed him in his tailor shop doing the cleaning and tasks in exchange of one meal. After a while, Shoeder decided to teach him the art of tailoring in a complete way. At the end of six years, Gilberto became a tailor and the personal assistant of Joseph. Now as assistant, he met and worked with people of the artistic, political, academic and business environment.
When he concluded his learning period with that German tailor (1971), Gilberto took his own way starting in the Calanchinis’ boutique (San Ángel) with Italian tailors, after that, he begun a new challenge and he worked in the Bambara’s boutique. In this period, Gilberto got many opportunities in which he did important friends and clients but the most important, he consolidated as master tailor.
After two years of hard work, Gilberto was discovered for one of the greatest boutique’s businessman in Mexico City, Mr Alberto Poo Collado (his tailor was the same that the King of Spain). He was a very important person in Gilberto’s life because he gave him the chance to manage his exclusive boutiques in Mexico City, ‘’ Franco Proclama Designs’’ (Polanco), ‘’Piero Baldi’’ (Zona Rosa) and ‘’ Arredondo’’ (San Ángel). Besides, Gilberto was the tailor of Mr Poo Collado. In spite of Gilberto was in charge of those boutiques, the recognition was for the Italian and Spain tailors that worked with him. After many years, Gilberto was recognized for the clients of Mr Poo Collado as the master tailor he was.
With sleepless nights, effort and perseverance, finally in 1990, his dream became true and he got his own tailor shop ´´Gilberto Ortiz´´, and here, his heritage started. Developing and teaching his knowledge to his sons, Darío and Alejandro. Gilberto Ortiz tailor shop began to draw attention between viewers and international customers, the reason, the unique quality and luxury in his suits.

Twenty years later, came the opportunity that set him as one of the best tailors in the world. The Belgium Company Scabal announced that they were looking for the best tailor; they did a contest that consisted in dress up a mannequin with a suit, in that context participated 52 countries and more that 150 tailors. The deadline was three months, and after almost one year, Gilberto knew the results, he was named the best tailor in the world and shared the title with the British Richard Anderson (tailor of the Queen Elizabeth II) and the Italian tailor

In 2012, Gilberto received an invitation from the British company Holland and Sherry to England for knowing the tailoring world in the Old Continent. Going through Paris, London, Bradford, Peebles and Saint Andrews, he acquired a very deep knowledge about tailoring with the masters of the Savile Row Street in London. Between them, Richard Anderson with whom, he shared ideas and made cuts.

In August of 2018 after 50 years of engaging himself with love and passion for the bespoke tailoring world, the master tailor Gilberto Ortiz died.
Leaving an extraordinary heritage to his sons, Darío and Alejandro, they will continue with the Gilberto Ortiz e Hijos tailor shop,
following with the same love and passion for the bespoke tailoring that the master tailor showed and taught to them with perfection.